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by | Oct 29, 2018


We have now reached a point where we have a substantial amount of feedback forms from people who have taken part in our Introduction to CO day. Its important to us to be able to listen to people that have taken part in the training so that we can see what is going well and also what needs changing or adapting.

Of the 51 feedback forms that we have from our training days we put together all of the comments and took out some themes to give an idea of how we’ve done over the past year or so… these were our results.

What did we do well…

  • 100% of participants who gave feedback said that the training met or exceeded their expectations!
  • 98% of people said that they gained new insight and understanding from the training-with people saying they had a better understanding of CO methods and the importance of a grassroots approach.
  • 94% said they felt able to participate in the workshop and this was down to good facilitators.

People loved the way that the day enabled them to work in groups and valued sharing and hearing other people’s experiences.

How can we improve…

  • 49% of people found the exercises challenging.
  • Although 12% specified that this was a good thing; people highlighted that the Agree and Disagree ‘definitions’ of what Community organising is and what it isn’t; were complicated.
  • People also said that a the challenge was a personal one; in that they found it difficult opening up to new people

Each feedback form was filled with really useful comments and compliments and we continue to ask and to listen so that the training can be effective as possible. It will be great to hear from those of you that get involved in the future so that we can continue to be the best that we can be.

For now we would like to say a huge thank you to all the people that have taken part in our Introduction to Community Organising training day. We are always touched by how open you all are, and to how much you embrace the day and participate with such energy. You make it great!